Sunday, January 4, 2015

Organization: Sharing My Planner

When I was a student, I carried a planner with me everywhere.  It was nothing fancy -- just a monthly calendar, and a weekly calendar -- so I can keep track of my homework, projects due, and upcoming exams.

When I graduated from school, I kissed my planner goodbye.  It was taking too much real estate in my purse.  Besides, I had a smart phone, and I could keep track of everything there.  For the most part, though, I only kept meetings and appointments in my phone.  I kept track of my bills and payments, etc. in my memory.

Fast forward several years later, and here I am,   Relying on my mental capacity worked for me for a little bit, and then I had r, and all of a sudden, I was trying to remember my personal and work schedules, and R's and r's schedules as well.  I needed a more systematic approach to keeping track of everything, especially as I took on more responsibilities at work, too.

I searched high and low for a planning system that I could work with, and finally chose these Arc planners (both in Junior size) from Staples:

My work planner

My personal planner

I chose the discbound system mainly because of its flexibility.  I can switch out the discs to accommodate more (or less) pages in my "planner," as my needs change.  My work planner has the 1.25-inch discs, and my personal planner has the 2-inch discs:

I also chose to print my own planner inserts/pages, instead of buying the ready-made ones at the store.  I bought my planner inserts here.  I purchased both the Unplan pages, and the 2015 bundle.  The Unplan pages had no dates in them, so I could definitely just keep printing more forever (well, in theory, I could).  The 2015 bundle were more structured, had pre-printed pages, and had more "categories."  Both sets of pages complemented each other nicely, although the monthly and weekly pages (if I remembered correctly) were pretty similar.  It was well worth it, though.  I loved the pretty colors, it made me more excited to actually use my planner.

I'll share more about what's inside these planners in a future post.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

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