Monday, October 14, 2013

My First Sewing Project

I have never sewn anything before, and I can't explain why I decided to make my first sewing project a big one.

To celebrate our niece's first birthday, my sister-in-law hosted a costume party last Saturday.  All the guests were asked to come in costume (including the adults).  So, in true Stamped by C fashion, I decided to take a big bite of the sewing bug, by sewing our costumes.  

Yup.  Costumes for me, R, and r.  Go big or go broke, right? :p

Coming up with the idea for the costumes was the easy part.  r is in that fun, exploring age, when he's enjoying lugging around his bigger toys, and laughing over them making that big "THUD" when he drops them.  The Flintstones -- or specifically, the Rubbles family -- were our natural choice.

Here are our costumes:

This is R's costume, who is of course, Barney Rubble.  I made his costume out of brown twill fabric.  I used his t-shirt for my pattern, chopped off the sleeves, and extended then cut the hem to make his costume.  For the "X," I used black ribbon.  I used the same black ribbon to accent the costume.  I attached the ribbons to the twill using fabric glue.  For his club, I drew a rough pattern on felt, and stuffed it with Polyfil.  I accented the handle of the club using kitchen twine.

This is my costume, as Betty Rubble.  I made it out of cotton interlock.  I made a simple tube dress, laced black ribbon through the neckline.  The white "shell" was made out of polymer clay (another first for me).

Lastly, this is r's Bamm Bamm costume.  I cheated a little bit with this, since I chose to use his white onesie, and orange pants and hat, which I bought from the store.  I modified the pants and the hat by gluing black spots made out of black ribbon that I cut up.  The brown sash was made with a strip of felt.  His club was made out of felt, also stuffed with Polyfil, and accented the handle with kitchen twine.  The bone was made out of polymer clay, too.

I chose to make our costumes instead of buying them, because r will be running around at the party, and we all wanted to be comfortable while chasing him around.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

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