Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Relative Freedom

May was an odd month for my family.

After being sick for 3 weeks (sinus infection for me, ear infection for r, and horrible allergies for R) following r's first birthday party, we are happy to finally regain our senses of smell (and taste).

Also, since I have been buried in work-related activities up until the first week of June, my crafting had been pushed to the backseat.

And now, I have 6 -- SIX -- weeks of relative freedom.  Which means,  I can do a lot of the things I love, like hanging out with my family (it's surprising that r still calls me "Mamama" and R still remembers what I look like), craft, bake (hopefully), and just plain relax, until I need to get back to high gear with work.  I still go to work, but the pressure has let up a little bit, so I can act like a normal person, until the pressure kicks up again.  Aaaah...relative freedom.  Freedom in any shape or form is welcome. :)

In the next 6 weeks, I hope to accomplish the following:
1.  Make several handmade cards for different occasions, to replenish my supply.
2.  Finish my pregnancy scrapbook.
3.  Get started on r's baby book.
4.  Bake some goodies to share with family and friends, like I used to.
5.  Reorganize my craft room.
6.  Order some Stampin' Up products!!!

Of course, I'll share with you all what I can. :)

Thanks so much for sticking patiently with me!  Have a great day!

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