Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Another non-crafty post.

I just realized what most of you probably know already -- time is relevant.

On Friday, r will officially be a year old.  It will be 12 days, 365 days,  or 525,600 minutes since I gave birth.  Wow.  In all my nights of counting sheep, I could never have counted up to half a million.

And now it's here.

Hour Glass Clip Art

Today I got a phone call about a lab test I had done yesterday.  While poking and prodding me, the nurse explained that I will hear back from them by Friday, or Tuesday (because of the long weekend) at the earliest.

And now, less than 25 hours later, I play the message on my voicemail:

"Hi, this message is for C.  You came in for a blood draw yesterday...Can you please call XXX-XXXX and ask to speak to Abby?  We wanted to speak to you about some of your labs."


It did not help that I heard the message at 1:00pm.  Which meant, everyone (including Abby) but me, will be on lunch break.  I call anyway.

"Hi, this is C, returning a phone call from Abby... (hyperventilates).  Please call me back at XXX-XXXX.  Wow.  Oh, my goodness.  I'll be by the phone.  Thank you."

I pass out from anxiety.

Just kidding.  It was the longest 30 minutes of my life.  And believe me, I felt all 1,800 of those seconds tick by.

1:30pm.  I call again.  Abby answers.

"Hi, C!  I just wanted to let you know that there was a problem with---"

WHAAAATTT???  Oh, no...I don't have a will in place.  My life insurance will take care of R and r, though.

"--our lab.  We are unable to run one of our tests, and we would like for you to come back for another blood draw.  Can you come in at 3:30pm today?"

"Um, sure."  I stammer.  "I would LOVE to come in at 3:30pm today.  I really hate needles, but right now, I've never been so happy that you just needed more blood."

Abby:  "Oh, what were you thinking I was calling about?"

Me:  "The worst."
Abby:  "Oh, I'm sorry."

Me:  "Oh, please, don't be.  I'm really just glad it was just more blood."

And I could literally feel the years (that she scared out of me) drain out of me.  Yes, all 2,628,000 minutes of them.

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