Thursday, May 16, 2013

If There's a Will...

(Warning:  This is a non-crafty post.)

... there is a way.

You know how some products are "something"-proof? Like how prescription bottles are child-proof, how packaged food is tamper-proof, how some smartphones are shock-proof?

Well, I've proven to myself that a car is not C-proof.

Several months ago, I managed to lock myself and my son out of our apartment, and then our car.  In a span of minutes.  That takes skill, people.

I had to explain how that happened on my frantic call to AAA, while DS's and my teeth (DS has 8 teeth) were chattering in the cold air:
1.  Every morning, my husband thoughtfully takes my large purse, laptop, and lunch bag to the car, so all I needed to carry with me are DS and DS's lunch.  DH locks the car with the spare, and drives off to work.
2.  The night before, I ran an errand (unusual for me) and while I usually stuff my keys into my coat pocket, for whatever reason, I absent-mindedly clipped my keys to my purse.
3.  Yes, the same large purse that my husband thoughtfully takes to the car the next morning, in addition to my laptop bag and lunch bag.
4.  Yes, my car keys and my apartment keys are in one key ring.
5.  DH was working 2 hours away that morning (and could not come to our rescue).

Sometimes, my brilliance astounds me.  I'm sure the representative on the other end of the line was equally astounded.

Thankfully, both my apartment and AAA offer exceptionally quick lockout service.

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